Ainbai language

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Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionSandaun Province
Native speakers100 (2003)
Language familyBorder
  • Bewani Range
    • Poal River
      • Ainbai
Language codes
ISO 639-3aic
Ainbai is classified as Severely Endangered by the UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
Coordinates: 3°05′26″S 141°08′48″E / 3.090493°S 141.146645°E / -3.090493; 141.146645 (Ainbai)

Ainbai is a Papuan language of Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in Ainbai village (3°05′26″S 141°08′48″E / 3.090493°S 141.146645°E / -3.090493; 141.146645 (Ainbai)), Bewani/Wutung Onei Rural LLG, Sandaun Province.

Other than Ainbai village (3°05′26″S 141°08′48″E / 3.090493°S 141.146645°E / -3.090493; 141.146645 (Ainbai)), it is also spoken in Elis village (3°03′25″S 141°05′23″E / 3.056925°S 141.089587°E / -3.056925; 141.089587 (Elis 1)).


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