Amber Kuo

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Amber Kuo
BornKuo Tsai-chieh (郭采潔)
(1986-02-19) 19 February 1986
Taipei, Taiwan
Other namesAmber Kuo
Alma materNational Taipei University
  • Actress
  • singer
Years active2007–present
Awards12th Taipei Film Festival 2010
Best New Talent for Au Revoir Taipei
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese郭采潔
Simplified Chinese郭采洁
Musical career
Also known asGuo Cai-jie
  • Piano
  • Guitar
LabelsWarner Music Taiwan (2007–present)
Amber Kuo in 2011.

Kuo Tsai-chieh (Chinese: 郭采潔; pinyin: Guō Cǎijié; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Kok Chhái-kiat, born 19 February 1986), also known as Amber Kuo, is a Taiwanese singer and actress.


Kuo made her debut in the music video of "我們小時候" (When We Were Young) by Taiwanese singer Tank. She was also featured in Stefanie Sun's music video of "雨天" (Rainy day) and F.I.R's music video "其實還愛你". She was featured in the song "This Is Love (就是愛)" on Nicholas Teo's album The Moment Of Silence (沉默的瞬間).

Kuo has also released five solo Mandarin solo albums.

She was nominated in 2010 for Best Actress at the 45th Golden Bell Awards for her role in The Happy Times of That Year. She was awarded Best New Talent at the 12th Taipei Film Festival in 2010 for her role in Au Revoir Taipei.

Kuo is also known for her role in the Tiny Times film series.

Personal life

Kuo graduated from National Taipei University with a bachelor's degree in social work in 2008.

Kuo is a self-professed Christian and was baptised at Taipei Truth Lutheran Church on 31 May 2013.



Year English title Original title Role Notes
2010 Au Revoir Taipei 一頁台北 Susie
Close to You 近在咫尺 Ting Hsiao-kuei
How to Train Your Dragon Astrid Hofferson Taiwanese version, voice
2012 Love Lu Hsiao-ni
When Yesterday Comes 昨日的記憶 Xiaojie segment "Power On"
2013 David Loman 大尾鱸鰻 Hsiao Chin
Tiny Times 小時代 Gu Li
Tiny Times 2 小時代:青木時代 Gu Li
Amazing 神奇 Venus
Love Speaks 意外的戀愛時光 Wang Leqing
2014 Tiny Times 3 小時代:刺金時代 Gu Li
(Sex) Appeal 寒蟬效應 Pai Hui-hua
2015 Crazy New Year's Eve 一路驚喜 Jia Yi
Triumph in the Skies 衝上雲霄 Kika Sit
Where the Wind Settles 風中家族 Qiu Mei
Tiny Times 4 小時代:靈魂盡頭 Gu Li
Jian Bing Man 煎餅俠 Da Peng's wife
Paris Holiday 巴黎假期 Ding Xiaomin
Ex-Files 2 前任2:備胎反擊戰 Yi Ze
Keeper of Darkness 陀地驅魔人 Jiang Xue
2016 David Loman 2 大尾鱸鰻2 Hsiao Chin
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 爵跡 Thalia
Sky On Fire 沖天火 Xiaozhen
2017 The One 絕世高手 Xiao Man
Lord of Shanghai 上海王 Lily
2019 Always Miss You 時間差
L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2 爵跡2:冷血狂宴 Thalia
Xibao 喜寶 Jiang Xibao
2021 Good Night Beijing 曾经相爱的我们 Meng Jie
Memory Dissection 记忆切割 Zhang Xiner

Television series

Year English title Original title Role
2007 Real's Music & Love Story 阿沁音樂愛情故事 Herself
2008 Invincible Shan Bao Mei 無敵珊寶妹 Hu Shanbao
2009 The Happy Times of That Year 那一年的幸福時光 Chen Suxin
2010 Channel X 國民英雄 Hong Xiaolu / Hong Meiling
2012 Love Forward 向前走向愛走 Meng Jingjing
2018 Great Expectations 遠大前程 Yu Mengzhu
Kiss Love and Taste 親愛的味道 Jin Jinjin
Meteor Garden 流星花园 Herself

Music videos

Year Artist Song title
2006 Stefanie Sun "Rainy Day"
2006 Stefanie Sun "Dream of the Sky"
2006 Tank "When We Were Young"
2006 Real "Deep Down Still in Love With You"
2006 Ho Yeow Sun "Still Thinking About Him"
2008 Yeh Nai-wen "Hot Milk"
2009 Nicholas Teo "This Is Love"
2010 Magic Power "Exclusive Magic"
2012 Lala Hsu "Not That Hard"
2015 Kenji Wu "No Pain No Love"


Studio albums

Title Album details Track listing
Invisible Superman
Track listing
  1. I Remember
  2. I Need You
  3. Shopping 明天
  4. 快一點
  5. 隱形超人
  6. 誠實地想你
  7. 欠踹的背影
  8. 我的未來式
  9. 走路飛行
  10. 愛情定格
I Amber
Track listing
  1. 又圓了的月亮
  2. Love & Love
  3. 天生一對
  4. 你在,不在
  5. 愛異想
  6. Sorry對不起
  7. 愛計較
  8. Didadi的愛
  9. 狠狠哭
  10. Rain Won't Stay
Track listing
  1. 煙火
  2. 不過問
  3. 怪怪牌
  4. 愛不愛
  5. 原諒
  6. 派樂地
  7. 卡通人生
  8. Little Sunshine
  9. 用微笑帶過
  10. 不說再見
  11. 我如果遇見我
Hear, There and Everywhere
Track listing
  1. 給他
  2. 灌溉愛
  3. 最好的天氣
  4. 該忘了
  5. 爆炸的沉默
  6. 小狐狸
  7. 超完美的地獄
  8. 單曲循環
  9. 還愛著你
  10. 都是你
Begin Again
Track listing
  1. 單飛
  2. How Can I Tell You
  3. 分分鐘需要你
  4. 外面
  5. 船碇
  6. 愛人呢
  7. Wish You Were Here
  8. 沒有以後
  9. Last Smile
  10. Letter Read
  11. Always in Love feat. 阿拉鳥 (Lala Hsu、季欣霈)
  12. Bird n'Tree
  • Released: 09 July 2021
  • Label: Nomad City Records
  • Formats: digital download
Track listing
  1. 我有一颗苹果Hide-and-Go-Seek
  2. If You Love My Soul
  3. Never Let Me Go
  4. 数羊 Counting Sheep
  5. 丢丢铜仔 DiuDiu Tong Zi
  6. 别派一群兔子猎杀一只狐狸 A Scarlet Riding Hood
  7. NaKuNa
  8. 昨天的月亮是圆的 Full Moon
  9. Buuve
  10. Etude练习曲

Soundtrack albums

Title Album details Track listing
Woody Sambo OST
Track listing
  1. L.O.V.E
  2. 笨的可以
  3. 誠實地想你
  4. L.O.V.E (全民happy對唱版)
Taipei Swings!
Track listing
  1. Au Revoir Taipei (vocal version)

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2010 12th Taipei Film Festival Best New Talent Au Revoir Taipei Won
45th Golden Bell Awards Best Actress The Year of Happiness and Love Nominated
2012 14th Taipei Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Love Won
49th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
2013 13th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated


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