Generalleutnant is the German-language variant of lieutenant general, used in some German speaking countries.


Service and field uniform
Country Austria
Non-NATO rankOF-8

Generalleutnant is the second highest general officer rank in the Austrian Armed Forces (Bundesheer), roughly equivalent to the NATO rank of OF-8.


Gorget patches
Army and Air Force insignia
Country Germany
Service branch German Army
 German Air Force
Rank groupGeneral officer
NATO rank codeOF-8
Pay gradeB9
Formation1956 (current)
Next higher rankGeneral
Next lower rankGeneralmajor
Equivalent ranksVizeadmiral

Generalleutnant, short GenLt, ('lieutenant general') is the second highest general officer rank in the German Army (Heer) and the German Air Force (Luftwaffe). This three-star rank in other countries is lieutenant general.

Rank in modern Germany

The rank is rated OF-8 in NATO, and is grade B9 in the pay rules of the Federal Ministry of Defence. It is equivalent to Vizeadmiral in the German Navy (Marine), or to Generaloberstabsarzt, and Admiraloberstabsarzt in the Zentraler Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr. On the shoulder straps (Heer, Luftwaffe) there are three golden pips (stars) in golden oak leaves.


German armies and air forces until 1945 Generalleutnant of the Wehrmacht

Generalleutnant was in the German Reich, and Nazi Germany the second lowest general officer rank, comparable to the two-star rank in many NATO-armed forces (Rangcode OF-7). It was equivalent to Vizeadmiral in the Kriegsmarine, and SS-Gruppenführer in the Waffen-SS until 1945.

Rank insignia Generalleutnant/ Vizeadmiral
Branch German Army Luftwaffe Waffen-SS Kriegsmarine
Collar None
Generalleutnant SS-Gruppenführer
und Generalleutnant
der Waffen-SS
National People's Army

Generalleutnant was in the so-called armed organs of the GDR (German: Bewaffnete Organe der DDR), represented by Ministry of National Defence, and Ministry for State Security, the second lowest general officer rank, comparable to the two-star rank in many NATO-Armed forces. This was in reference to Soviet military doctrine and in line with other armed forces of the Warsaw Pact.


Insignia Shoulder Higher/lower
 German Empire
 Weimar Republic
 Nazi Germany
General der WaffengattungGeneralmajor
 East Germany GeneraloberstGeneralmajor
 Germany GeneralGeneralmajor

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  1. ^ Although Austria is not a NATO member, there are official NATO rank approximations.


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