Marcel Otte

Marcel Otte
Marcel Otte
Born5 October 1948 (1948-10-05) (age 75)
Scientific career

Marcel Otte (born 5 October 1948) is a professor of Prehistory at the Université de Liège, Belgium. He is a specialist in Religion, Arts, Sociobiology, and the Upper Palaeolithic times of Europe and Central Asia. In the book Speaking Australopithecus (written together with the philologist Francesco Benozzo) he argues from the archaeological point of view Benozzo's hypothesis that human language appeared with Australopithecus, between 4 and 3 million years ago.

Otte is one of the only advocates of the Paleolithic continuity theory, which states that Indo-European languages originated in Europe and have existed there since Paleolithic times. He first advocated that theory in work published in 1995.

Written works

He has published a number of works, including:

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