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Old Town of SulzbachOld Town of Sulzbach
Flag of Sulzbach-RosenbergFlagCoat of arms of Sulzbach-RosenbergCoat of arms
Location of Sulzbach-Rosenberg within Amberg-Sulzbach district
Sulzbach-Rosenberg is located in GermanySulzbach-RosenbergSulzbach-Rosenberg Show map of GermanySulzbach-Rosenberg is located in BavariaSulzbach-RosenbergSulzbach-Rosenberg Show map of Bavaria
Coordinates: 49°30′N 11°45′E / 49.500°N 11.750°E / 49.500; 11.750
Admin. regionOberpfalz
 • Mayor (2024–30) Stefan Frank (CSU)
 • Total53.19 km2 (20.54 sq mi)
Highest elevation567 m (1,860 ft)
Lowest elevation388 m (1,273 ft)
Population (2022-12-31)
 • Total19,401
 • Density360/km2 (940/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01:00 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+02:00 (CEST)
Postal codes92237
Dialling codes09661
Vehicle registrationAS, BUL, ESB, NAB, SUL

Sulzbach-Rosenberg (Northern Bavarian: Suizboch-Rosnberg) is a municipality in the Amberg-Sulzbach district, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated approximately 14 km northwest of Amberg, and 50 km east of Nuremberg. The town consists of two parts: Sulzbach in the west, and Rosenberg in the east.

Archeological evidence tells that Sulzbach was an important centre from the 8th century on. Sulzbach castle was founded during the early 8th century, probably by the late-Merovingian/early-Carolingian kingdom.

The castle was the residence of the powerful counts of the Nordgau (9th–10th century), the important counts of Sulzbach (c. 1003 – 1188) — one of whose daughters, Bertha of Sulzbach became the Empress of Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus — and later of the counts of Hirschberg (1188–1305), the counts of Wittelsbach (1305–1354, 1373–1504), emperor Karl IV (1354–1373), the palatine-dukes of Neuburg and of the dukes of Palatinate-Sulzbach (17th–18th century) of the House of Wittelsbach.

Since 2005, Sulzbach has hosted the Sulzbach-Rosenberg International Music Festival (known as the InterHarmony International Music Festival in other locations). It is one of several locations that hosts the InterHarmony international Music Festival, first conceptualized in 1997.


Apart from the town Sulzbach-Rosenberg the municipality consists of the following villages:

Notable people


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